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Project Sales Corp introduces
ICE Workers ID Program in India.
A small ID device attached to
hard hats or safety boot can

PSC Worker ID is easily fitted to the exterior of each workers hard hat and securely stores their critical and potentially
lifesaving ID information essential in the event of a serious accident or medical emergency.
PSC  “Worker Safety” Hard Hat ID Is:
LIGHTWEIGHT – Less than 8 grams I REFLECTIVE – Features 3M Scotchlite reflective material I 100% WATERPROOF- Is
very durable and can be worn in any conditions I SECURE – Clear adhesive Security flap protects the workers information I
HELMET SAFE – Will not weaken or damage the workers hard hat in any way I COST EFFECTIVE – A low cost solution to
reinforce your on-site safety procedures I Can also be FITTED TO CLOTHING and other work equipment such as harness etc –
very durable.
Rs.350 Ea,  

PSC “Universal Fit” Worker I.D is designed to allow paramedics / first responders quick access to a workers medical
information and emergency contact numbers in the event they are involved in a serious onsite accident or medical
emergency. This NEW I.D system is a “UNIVERSAL FIT” product that allows the worker to carry /store their ID in a number
of different ways to suit many types of industries and work environments. The Universal ID is ideal for workers in Oil & Gas,
Construction, Heavy Industry, Railways / Highways, Utilities, Mining & more.
Rs.450 Ea,