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United Kingdom
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Push Pull Poles


Introducing Push Pull Poles A Step towards Hands Free Lifting Policy

Push / Pull Poles are designed to help facilitate
‘hands-free’ lifting. They are a modified
aluminium telescopic boat hook with a rubber
buffer at the other end. The hook end can be
used at full extension (approximately 2.1m / 7ft)
to retrieve tag lines hanging vertically without a
load handler having to go too close to a
suspended load.
The rubber buffer is used to push against
suspended loads to guide them, especially
when landing loads in tight or congested
spaces. Once again, this allows the operator to
remain a safe distance from the load until it has
landed. The poles would normally be fully
retracted (for rigidity) during this type of use
where their length is 1.2m / 4ft. However, they
can be used half-extended if required but if too
much pressure is applied, they will telescope
Available with Conformity Certificate.
INR.15400 Ea + VAT 5%.
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